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DIBELS / Mclass

Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy Skills Next

DIBELS Next is a formative, or ongoing, early literacy assessment.

Where Did It Come From?

DIBELS was created by Dr. Roland Good and Dr. Ruth Kaminski of the Dynamic Measurement Group. Research on DIBELS testing was first done at the University of Oregon. DIBELS Next is the newest version of DIBELS.

What Does It Assess?

The DIBELS Next assessment tests the five big ideas in early literacy identified by the National Reading Panel:

Why Do We Use DIBELS Next?

It is a useful assessment tool which helps us identify students who are at risk for reading difficulty. Once these students are identified, they are given small group remediation while monitoring their progress. Because it is a formative assessment, we are able to track students' progress and help them make the greatest gains possible. The data is used to drive instruction.

What Grade Levels Use DIBELS Next?

It is used by kindergarten through sixth grade teachers in the United States to screen for whether students are at risk of reading difficulty, and to monitor student progress and guide instruction. DIBELS is utilized in kindergarten through fifth grade.

What is mCLASS?

mCLASS Math is a formative math assessment for students in primary grades.

What Does It Assess?

mCLASS Math assesses early mathematic skills.

  • counting
  • number identification
  • quantity discrimination
  • next number
  • missing number
  • number facts
  • computation
  • concepts

Why Do We Use mCLASS: Math?

Research shows that an early learning foundation is the key to preventing later difficulties in mathematics learning. mCLASS Math is a tool to tell teachers what students know, how they know it, and what to do about it. By using the mCLASS Math assessment, teachers are able to explore students' thinking, clarify their concept knowledge, and improve their academic performance. This information is used to drive instruction in the classroom and remediation for struggling students

What Grade Levels Use mCLASS: Math?

This assessment program is designed for students in kindergarten through third grade. We utilize mCLASS Math for students in kindergarten through second grade.