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Support Staff

School Support Staff

Yankeetown hosts one of the best staff in the state. Comprised of both secretarial and support staff members, these professionals keep the school running! See below for a listing of these dedicated staff members:

Support Staff Members:
•Secretary / Treasurer: Mrs. Cassie Miller
•Nurse: Mrs. Bobbi Sanso
•Nurse's Aide: Mrs. Tracy Durgy
•School Psychologist: Miss Kelsey Held

Custodial Staff:
•Mrs. Jessica Russell 
•Mr. Sam Shaughnessy
•Mrs. Jenna Broshears

Cafeteria Staff:
•Manager: Mrs. Tonya Wilke
•Mrs. Jennifer Tennyson

•Mrs. Mandy Lutz

•Mrs. Brittney Wayman


Computer Support Staff:
•Mr. John Knight - WCSC Computer Technician
•Mrs. Danielle Kelly- Building Technology Coordinator