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Curriculum Information

Reading -

CKLA Amplify: K-5

AR Reading: K-5


Math - 

My Math - McGraw/Hill: K-5

Xtramath: K-5


Science - 

Elevate Science - Pearson: 1-5

Mystery Science: 1-5

Let’s Find Out: K


Social Studies - 

Studies Weekly: 1-4

Let’s Find Out: K


Math/ELA Remediation and Enrichment -

Exact Path: 1-5

Study Island: 2-5

Prodigy: 1-5

EXCEL Program at Chandler

Yankeetown students may receive EXCEL services for the gifted and talented students in grades four and five at Chandler Elementary School. This program exists as a transfer program where students are assigned to a classroom with a gifted/talented instructor to work on units and projects as well as the regular curriculum. Student achievement test scores, cognitive skills index (I.Q.), current grade average, and teacher recommendation will be used to make the determination of students who qualify for EXCEL services.